Friday, April 1, 2011

School days

I really haven't posted much about school and a typical day we have. So I thought I would show you a typical day in pictures

My day typically starts at 7 am when I get to school, where I mark test, books, submit the grades to the office and get the new work books for the kids in my building
Photo taken by Carolyn Walker

8 am comes fast, and its time to start our day with Praise, worship and morning prayer

Then comes time to get to work, We use ACE ( a home school curriculum) and each day a student has to work in their PACE books which consist of English, Science, Social Studies, Math and Word building(spelling)

making maps of God's world

Making maps of the world

Joshua working in his math book

Michael working on math

Joshua working on spelling

Of course lunch and break ensure silliness and games from the kids

Borislav and Olivier playing a hand clapping game

Christian and Michael

Its not a lunch break with out little hands braiding my hair
Dainah, Me, Dadyd, Christie

That pretty much sums up a day at school. After school most days involves a nap before anything else in the day is accomplished,