Interested in supporting me?

Dear Family and Friends:

Hello!  This August, I will be heading to St. Marc in Haiti, to work as a teacher with Touch Ministries Inc., for the 2010-11 school year.  I will be teaching a class of young children (grade 1).  As well, I will help them explore the many options that there are in life and help them break the cycle, that their families have been in for many generations.  I will also grow and learn, more about life and myself in the process.

            Touch Ministries is run by Dr. Carolyn Walker and her husband Pastor Gary (  They opened the school, El Shaddai Learning Centre, with the goal of providing a Christian Education to those in the community.  When they opened the school in 2001, they only had five students.  Currently, they have over seventy and they are expecting that number to rise considerably, due to the earthquake that devastated most of Port au Prince, back on January 12.

            While in Haiti there are a few ways that you can help and support me. The first way, is through prayer.  As I prepare to leave the comfort of home and journey out, it will be a comfort and give me strength to know that you are praying, and that your thoughts are with me.  The other way you can support me, is financially.  Since this is a volunteer position, I will incur expenses, such as room and board, flights, every day living expenses, as well, I am planning to purchase some school supplies to donate, prior to leaving.  My goal is to raise $8000.00, for these expenses.  I am currently working 2 jobs, but it appears there will still be a deficit.

            Thank-you in advance for your support, both in prayer and financially.   I am looking forward to the year that is to come and the joy, excitement, adventure and challenge that awaits me in Haiti.  If you are interested please include your email address and I will send emails of what I am up to while in Haiti, so you are able to see where your support is helping.  Should you have any questions, please contact me at