Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My opinion on the election

Here we are 6pm, still waiting for the election results that were due at noon today. Now, we are hearing midnight the last possible moment for those involved. We have cancelled school till the new year, because of how volatile things are right now, which is only going to worsen. Because of how late they are putting off the announcement we have decided (and from all the information we have been hearing and gathering) there are four possible out comes of this things all ending on not a good note. The top two are suppose to have a run off election on Jan 16, the current results are showing Manigat with 30% Martelly with 25% and Celestine with 20%.

  1. Manigat and Martelly are in the top two run off ( just as results that have been released are showing) which would lead to the Unity party and their supporters rioting, but would be considered a fair election
  2. Constitution is changed, allowing Manigat, Martelly and Celestine to have a run off election in January, this would lead to all three parties supporters to riot.
  3. A "mysterious box" of ballots all for Celestine appears some where, giving him 50% of the vote, which would make him president, and the other parties rioting due to a corrupt and unfair election, yet again.
  4. Annulment of the election, once again lead to rioting of the people, mainly Celestine's people. 
My opinion is option number 2 as they have kept putting of the result announcement, meaning they are looking for a loop hole for Celestine. 

On a side note, results have come out from the cholera outbreak saying it is linked to the Nepalese UN soldiers out in the Artibonite. 

One unhappy country tomorrow

* late night edit* Run off election will be between Manigat with 31% and Celestin with 21%

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amsrae said...

Crystal you are a true inspiration to me. I admire you so much and to think how much older I am then you. Keep up the good work and I am very proud to call you one of my oldest and truest friends.