Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A fearful moment

Yesterday I had one of the most fearful moments in what I would say my whole life. The riots were going on due to election as Carolyn and I were headed up to school to do some work and see how to team was doing on the wall. As we were headed down the road we were going straight in to a manifestation, we were able to quickly turn around and go another way. We were limited in how we could get there due to other riots. We eventually got there and things were going fine. I was in the office at my building putting away school supplies, and other stuff when I heard a few gun shots,and brushed it off as nothing and continued working. Then I heard a few more, and once again I just brushed it off. Then I peered out from the office, which leads on to the porch room, and I could see a group of young men all coming up the road and they were not just a large group of people, they also had a few pickup trucks behind them as well. This is when fear sunk in for me, I was all alone, in the building everyone else was in the other school down the road, and I had no time on my cell to call for help. So I sat there and prayed, it was all I could do. I was done my work in the school and could go over to see everyone else just yet. Once I noticed all the haitians were back to their everyday life on the road, I figured it was safe for me as well. I was up on the porch of the other school and you could see plumes of black smoke coming up from road blocks of burning tires, it was quite a scene. All is well now with the normal noises of trucks and roosters and crying babies which were not heard yesterday morning. Just pray that things don't flare up again. 

I suggest turning off the sound, so you don's have to listen to my conversation,

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