Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Bella

Last night I had a dream about "My Bella". In my life right now I am no where close to meeting her. Bella is a little girl that will someday grace the world with her presence as my daughter my Isabella Joyce. Being only 20 and single this is still a far off vision for me. But I believe God let me see her last night. She graced me with the most adorable chocolate skin, with eyes to match. She had chubby cheeks calling for a momma to plant a kiss on, and a smile that melted your heart. It scared me that I could see her so clearly in my dream, I instantly woke up afraid to explore my Bella more. Every detail was perfect about her, she seemed real, It was a God/Momma moment. I know one thing about my Bella is that she is not from inside me but from another mother that has not even dreamed of her little girl, let alone giving her up. I do not know where she is coming from or anything about her, all I know is one day she will be my Bella. 

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