Monday, February 22, 2010

Tick... Impact your community.

Tick. Time passes as one sits waiting on what to do next. They think to them selves that they need to get out, that they want to help and do something great in the world. "How?" they ask them selves. Tick. Another moment passes, and they move on to the next thought that goes through their mind. Homework, got to get that paper done. A typical thought of a college student these days, along with oh crap I'm out of money. Tick. A second moment passes and they are still stuck on the concept that they have to write a paper. Tick. But not too long after their mind comes back to wanting to do something to impact the world. Globally they think. They want to do something the change the world. Tick. Their mind goes back to money. Tick. They want to help. Tick. Money. Tick.  Help. Tick. Oh well they cant do anything. 

People across the country are wanting to constantly help those less fortunate, and instantly think about ways to help those in other countries, especially third world countries. Now, a month after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, people are wanting to help there. My advice? Wait and let the professionals that know what they are doing, (with a few exceptions of a particular group *cough unicef cough*) So my thought is why not help in your own community? And you're thinking "Didn't you start this blog to talk about your trip to Haiti?" Yes, you are right, but I also do a lot to help locally in my community and have some cool plans coming up to do so:

So here are some of my favourite ways to:
  1. Volunteer with a youth based organization : I work with my church's youth group as a small group leader with some amazing grade nine girls, who love to help in any way they can and help push me further into a service roll than I could ever imagine.
  2. Walk around your neighbourhood picking up garbage: Silly, I know. But grab a group of friends, some garbage bags, plastic gloves and go for a walk. Make a game out of it and see who can pick up the most garbage. We did this right after halloween this past year and the kids picked up a TON!
  3. Go down to your local shelter and do what ever they need help with: It could be peeling potato's, sorting clothes, or power washing the side walks around the building.
  4. Throw a party for those who need it: I have yet to do this, but it is one of my goals this year with my small group. We are planning on going to our local women's shelter, and having a fun night with the ladies that live there and their children, by doing crafts (we are going to make picture frames) have dessert, and then we are going to take a family picture or a picture in general for them, since many of them cannot afford this. 
  5. Finally... Don't forget about the behind the scenes people like youth workers, youth pastors, teachers or just anyone in general who doesn't get enough praise, and appreciate them for what they do: This past Christmas my girls and I made almost 12 dozen cookies, and thank you cards to go with them to say thanks for all the hard work. Now you might be thinking how is this a service project? Well I'm not sure, but my lesson behind it is that everyone no matter what needs a little uplift. It doesn't matter on how much money you have gender or anything, everyone needs to feel appreciated in their life.
  6. Food Bank grocery shop" The food banks need food all year round, so why not get a group all pitch in 5,10, 15 or any amount of money and do a grocery shop in the spring or summer for your local food bank!
This is not near the amount of local service projects one can do, and any one at any age can do these. So have fun, and lets do a service project exchange!

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