Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pray for a miracle

This past week I have learned about how far faith can take a person. I am talking about the ability to pray to heal, headaches, sicknesses, diseases, to be able to grow limbs. When I was told Dr. Norm Dobbs, a psychologist from the states, was coming to pray to heal the people in this country, I was told he wanted to pray from limbs to grow. The first image that came into my head was as the man was praying for people an arm or leg would suddenly grow out of the person. I know this is a silly concept but this is God we are talking about, anything is possible if we have faith in Him. He calls us to pray for healing. I have yet to witness a limb grow, and neither has Norm, but in small doses things are happening. Not only is he praying to heal he is also praying to save, and saving people is he. One of my first experiences in Haiti was going into the mountain community of Jeanton to talk with people up there that she has connected to and wants to bring God into their lives. While there we hiked up a hill (really a mountain) to see a Boko, (witch doctor). He is a blind old man, who serves the people as the local Boko. At first he was very hostile towards us, even though he knew Barb. Well Norm and Barb hiked up there, and prayed for a few hours with him, amongst the spirits and the other nonsense that comes with voodoo, and a light shone through, demons where gone, and light and God came to him, that afternoon, he was no longer the local Boko. I have heard of other small miracles Norm has done through prayer, such as down in the children’s ward at the hospital he prayed for a couple lifeless children, and on his way back they were acting as happy normal children despite the pain. Tonight I witnessed Norm’s praying first hand while at Dr. Kerry’s. He has a little three year old Haitian boy in his care who has cerebral palsy. He was in the worst shape and has survived the earthquake, this afternoon Norm sat there praying for him, to gain strength. It wasn’t instant results, but he will be healed, and he will continue to be prayed for. It doesn’t take anyone special to go and pray for healing, to go and do God’s work, you just need to believe, you just need to put your self out there. Just have faith and put your hands, the ones God gave you to do his work, and pray. Pray for heath, pray for happiness, pray for life, pray for limbs, you never know you might just see one grow out of thin air.


O.F.C.J. said...
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O.F.C.J. said...

That is awesome. Like when Jesus pick up dirt and spit on it and rubbed it on the guys face where his eyes should have been, and created eyes for him right there. A-mazing. Faith is a beautiful thing. Need more of it. And I shall have. Your adventures in Haiti seems to be going well. Yay. And wow, the local witch doctor, or "Babalawo", as we would say in my lang., converted? A-MAZING. God is good. WHoo! I'm happy you get to witness all this awesomeness.