Monday, September 27, 2010

Pray for rain, pray for safety

Its a odd thing here, the rain that is. Its not a foreign concept to these people, but the emotions that go with rain. They hope for rain to cool everything off, to take a break from the hot heat that comes all year long. But then there are those that end up being flooded out of their homes temporarily, or are stuck in a mud house that melts with the rain. Sure they want the cool feeling of the rain, but not at the expense of their homes. And what about those that still live in the tents? What do they think of the rain? Do they pray to God asking him to hold off the rain and the wind, so they can have a shelter yet another day? And then there are those of us, that have a safe shelter from the rain, that pray to God to send it, to cool our bodies so we can have a good nights sleep. Here, there is a mixed emotion that comes with the rain, I experience it as well when I pray for the rain, yet feel guilty about it, thinking about those that would suffer if God helped me with my prayer. Yet God has answered the prayers of millions here, when after the earthquake the people of Haiti fasted and prayed for 3 days. Every hurricane has gone north of us, and became a small tropical storm before it even hits us. God protects us from the rain, yet knows when to give us a cool off. Pray for rain, and pray for safety of those whose housing situations are not ideal

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MissEmy said...

That's always been an interesting concept to me. How someone can be praying for one thing and the other person the opposite. I suppose it's kind of a comfort to know that God knows everything. But it's strange nonetheless!

Hope you get your rain!