Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 weeks in...

Well I'm just shy of being here for one month and love being here more everyday. Not much has been happening besides getting ready for school to start in a week, other than we are moving to a bigger house only 2 days after school starts YIKES! As well our principal is stuck in the states due to health problems even he isn't sure what they are, he went to the hospital the day before he was suppose to fly back to haiti. Last week I got to meet Bev and Al who run the orphanage, they are an amazing couple. As well we have Carolyn and Gary's friend Norm here for a couple weeks, on a mission to pray for people's health he is very eager and wanting to see result. Yesterday We decided as adults to leave the kids at the orphanage and go for lunch and for a swim at one of the local resorts, Xaragua. It was a perfect afternoon of food, the beach and pool, sun tanning, friends and of course Haitian coke, which is to dye for! Today after church we were invited by the pastor and his wife to a beautiful meal that she had prepared for us. I'm starting to like haitian food even more every time I have it. Well that is all for now, a busy week ahead of more visitors coming in and getting the school ready, and my self prepared for my first class, which I have to say I am a little nervous about. Well here's some pictures for to keep you all satisfied for now.

Heading out on one of the employee's new motorbike
Haiti 2010
Busy Haitian Beach
Attempt of the self portrait Xaragua Resort, Haiti 2010
Xaragua Resort 
Nothing beats a nice cold Haitian Coke

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amsrae said...

Crystal looks like you are having the time of your life!!! This is right were you need to be... :) I Cant wait to hear updates as they come.. Love you lots girl...