Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyone has a Petite-Homme story....

If you have been to visit El Shaddai school you have come across some interesting people and students there. There are some very interesting people there with some very interesting lives, and one of them is Pastor Petite-Homme. Our grade two teacher. Every one that has visited and come in contact with him, has a story about him, mist visitors remember him as the man that teaches the students hymns while playing his accordion. I have my fair share of Petite-Homme stories, but I think I had the list topper today while teaching. Though I need to describe him for you to get the full picture as best as you can. Smaller built man, about my hight, wears very wide rimmed glasses, and has a unique personality. He always refers to me as Sister Crystal, around 50 years old, has eight kids, and two grandkids, oldest in her mid twenties, and youngest is 5 years old. Did I mention a unique personality? Anyways on to the story... I was standing in my class room with one of the other teachers,David, and all my students ( My class room is a screened in porch). They were telling me about the book that they had just read practicing using their english. It is quite normal for kids walking along the road below to yell hi to me, knowing I'm there and will say hi back, but today took an interesting turn of events, as the kids were yelling more than just hi to me in creole, which I just ignored, that is until my class started to laugh. I continued to just ignore it like I normally do. Suddenly one of my students decides to tell me what they are saying. "Miss Crystal, they're saying you smell like poo." Well, I couldn't exactly continue with both my students and my self distracted by these boys, so I simply tell them in creole to go away, and David is telling them a bit more elaborately in creole to go away as well. In the down stairs class Petite-Homme is hearing all this going on, and decides to take maters into his own hands, because next thing I know he his running out the gate, with a rubber ruler in his hand that he uses to spank the kids. Best way to picture this is to think of an old farmer running out the door of his house shot gun in hand. As soon as these boys see him, the split into different directions so Petite-Homme cant get them. I turned around bursting out laughing at the scene in front of me, when I turned back around to see what was happening I couldn't find Petite-Homme, but I could see one of the boys coming back to school, cautiously, looking down further I found Petite-Homme, crouched behind the wall back inside the gate, waiting for the boys to come back. The one boy that came back, took one quick look and ran as fast as he could in the direction his friend went. It took me a while to compose my self again from laughing so hard, and good thing lunch arrived, cause I was not able to get my class to calm down. Wish I had my camera to capture the moment.

Moral? Every one has a Petite-Homme story, and never mess with a man with a ruler, or tell a blanc they smell like poo. 

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