Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I've learned so far...#4

  • Haitian kids would rather do work, then a fun project at school
  • dust+wind= not good
  • as soon as you sweep the house its dusty not even two seconds later
  • Haitians know how to really worship in church
  • That my former flip flop tan lines no longer exist, but are now permanent dirt lines
  • I dont expect clean feet till at least september due to extended flip flop season
  • Goat is actually pretty good when done right
  • Stock up during elections because you never know what is going to happen
  • watching Olivier copying the Lululemon yoga poses off of facebook, provides a good hour of entertainment
  • Junior can make anything grow, even water mellon seeds.
  • Kids can make make a toy car out of a drink bottle, bottle caps, and lollipop sticks
  • most kids are garbage pickers
  • And last but not least, NEVER GO TO THE MEAT MARKET!! ( have yet to repeat it since the last time I mentioned it)

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