Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's kind of hard

I still haven't come to terms with not going to Haiti now. It's been about a week since every one kind of bailed on me. But I guess I can see where they are all coming from between disease, and and being very unstable right now, both structurally and politically. I miss the country and feel very helpless sitting here, watching and reading what it going on down there. But I am doing what I can from here (insert shameless advertising here) I am, with my mom, organizing a benefit concert on Feb 12, and just making people aware of what is really going on. But I am going to concentrate on school doing both summer semesters, and just going full force, so I can get my teaching degree on time, and one day be of use to the new generation of Haiti, to teach them how to be super amazing and independent and to be strong. Also to better the country for their own children. That is now how I am looking at this earthquake, as a hidden blessing, a chance for a whole country to start new. They, the Haitian, are going to into this year blind now not knowing what is going to happen, much like I am going into this year. 

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