Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My girls inspire me

fourteen. That is the average age of the 15 girls in my small group. Each Tuesday I leave the church more in love with this amazing group of young women. As of tonight we kick started our Haiti formula fundraiser, and one of my girls told me she was donating half of he monthly allowance towards helping children she doesn't even know. This same girl I have seen change over the past year since she joined our group. This young lady inspires me. Last week we had a discussion night at the local coffee shop about christian dating, we didn't even get through my devotion I brought with me. It was an amazing night to see their views on dating, sex, and many other topics they brought up themselves. While talking about their parents rules one girl told us about a devotional book her and her father are going through and that she is going to waiting  to court when she is 20. Every week these girls give me strength and inspiration and I could go on forever about them.

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