Monday, January 18, 2010

Still processing...

Wow, its been a long week. I didn't think the earth quake in Haiti would effect me as it did. I have gone through a wide range of emotions since i found out about it last Tuesday night. Jeremy called me over to where he and Travis as well as another lady from the church we talking, and told me what had happened, all  could think about were Chris and Leslie Rolling  and their two year old Olivia, Troy and Tara Livesay with tribe ranging in age from 2-15 years old, and Lori, Licia, their own children plus all the children in their care at the rescue center. The next day Travis told me he had never seen me go so pale, looked so shocked, and gap out, when I was told what happened. The Tuesday night we prayed before all the leaders left, and all I could do is to go home and make sure everyone is okay. Wednesday morning I was watching CNN, and for some reason became enraged on how they were reporting the story,  saying how Haiti now needed things they have always needed, food, water and medicine. That day as I constantly checked the news, blogs and Troy tweets, I felt helpless, wanting, needing to be there to help, That night I did not sleep, there was just too much going on. Next day Tara's comment on her blog put me at ease, I would be useless right now, I can't give medical attention nor speak creole. But I did all I could through facebook encouraging people to pray their hearts out. I have prayed my soul and heart out, and am now, with my mother, organizing a concert benefit to raise money to help people, I love who are working hard there, for a beautiful country with even more beautiful people, helping the only way I can. I am still going in June, though I have been called crazy for thinking of even going, because I am needed even more now than I was before. Please Pray for the people of Haiti, the missionaries that are working hard, who are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, pray for relief and that they can find a way to get the aid for to those who need it, pray for those who have lost loved one, or those that may never be able to find if they have, pray for the newly orphaned children both young and old, pray for the adoption process that after this event the government will see the need to speed it up, pray for those children that are slowly being able to go home, pray for Kristen and Mark Howerton and that they can bring Keembert home, after having to leave him behind, pray for Annie and Pheobie and that they can join their siblings and cousins and parents in the USA, and pray for Amos, as his sister cam home to the hand of Jamie and Aaron Ivey, and that he can join his siblings soon, and finally pray that God will rebuild the country of Haiti.

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