Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember, remember...

Remember remember the 12th of January.

Anyone in blog land feel the emotional impact of the earthquake in Haiti that afternoon? I do, I was then glued to blogs, facebook, and twitter making sure the people I knew down there were okay. I was also planning my second trip back there with some friends. It was devestating too see all the pictures, film footage, and here the stories from friends down there, it broke my heart in two, and still does to this day. What people didn't realize then is what a beautiful country Haiti was and still is to this day, that the people are healing, in all ways, They are strong people.

Fast foward to two months later...

Do you remember the country that is now in ruins, that UNICEF is trying to corrupt, that needs healing and the love of God more than it ever has? Do you still pray, send out good vibes, what ever you can?

Do you still remember?

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