Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tales from the Basketball court

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     The other night I had a opportunity to sit with 7 amazing teenage girls that I have known to love over the past six months or so. Every week I get to hang out with them and we talk about out lives, boys, sports, school, God or what ever that is on their minds, most of the time we don't even touch on the subjects that are on the paper in front of me. Last week we met at an unusual place, in some cold weather, a school field on a basketball court. While there we enjoyed pizza, games, and drawing and writing on the court in chalk, each girl, my self included, wrote two inspirational messages, everything from Jesus loves you to every one deserves a second chance (I forgot to take my camera to take pictures) then we all huddled on to the blanket in the cold, and I shared my story, my testimony, followed by my other leader. Once everyone was gone one on my girls wanted to share hers with us, so we moved the three of us into my car, and she poured her heart out. I was speachless, she was 14 and had been through so much over her few years of life. It never occurred to me that some ones life could be that bad, for me I thought it was fictional. It broke my heart, and there isn't a thing I can do about even now a few days later. So my lesson to you is even though some one looks perfectly put together on the outside they can be a wreck on the inside, talk, hug, pray, smile, just be there for them.

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Anonymous said...

It's always good to remember that someone else always has it worse, too. Thanks for sharing this story. Good for you for connecting with these girls. (I followed your link from 20sb)