Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recap of the last couple days

Other than getting here the last couple days have been pretty jammed packed. Starting off spending a few hours in Port au Prince at the Toyata dealership trying to pick up a truck that was supposed to be ready for us. Once we got back there was a group here finishing off a vision trip, so it was fun meeting all of them, then going for dinner at one of the resorts nearby. I couldn't believe that there was this little piece of paradise amongst everything else that is this country. Yesterday morning was another Port morning of taking the group to the airport and dropping off some to get a ride to some other mission they were volunteering. I wasn't sure what Port would be like when I got there after everything I had seen on TV the last few months. People since the quake have just continued to do what they do everyday, whether it be selling stuff on the side of the road, selling water to those driving by, or may it be just being a child and playing. I guess the best way to describe driving through town, or any town is like a massive drive through where you can buy anything you want. It's kind of cool actually. But its hard to say no to the kids as they try to sell you stuff right at your window. While in Port I also got experience haitian fast food in the semi chain of Epidore's, which has everything from cakes and pastries, to pizza, burgers, ice cream and crepes. Form there it was off to the grocery store, and while there I was quite surprised with the amount of things that are there, and mostly all american items, (with exception of the pigs head in the freezer). The ride home, was quick then it was off to Indigo, a club resort down the road, for a walk around the nature trails, yet another hidden beauty amongst everything else that is Haiti. So since I've arrived it has been a busy couple of days.

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