Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I have learned so far...

Things I have learned in Haiti so far:
  •       Do not breathe while walking through the meat market, or the sections of the outdoor market that sells meat, gagging will ensue
  • -       When people tell you don’t go down a certain path, it’s usually for a good reason, because, well, it’s usually a path people use for a toilet. And gagging may or may not occur.
  • -       Keep things in a bag, even if it is one single item, people assume it is for them.
  • -       People, manly men, will do anything for the young white girl, if it gets them to Canada.
  • -       Flushing a toilet is in fact an art form.
  • -       Also having a bucket bath, while trying to wash a mop of hair.
  • -       If you have curly or semi-curly hair, forget about trying to keep it straight.
  • -       A pony tail is your friend.
  • -       You will hear Justin Beiber being played on the radio with people young and old trying to learn the English.
  • -       Neighbor kids will sing songs from Eminem with out having the slightest bit idea of what they are singing.
  • -       Just give up logic all together, it doesn’t exist here.
  • -       Pray for rain
  • -       Pray for Power.
  • -       Hopefully you get them together. 


O.F.C.J. said...
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O.F.C.J. said...

Seems like you're being broken into the culture. I'm sure a logic does exist there though, it just isn't your logic since you are of a different culture. And there is the culture-clash. Lol.

@ "People, [mainly] men, will do anything for the young white girl, if it gets them to Canada."---Hahaha!! Or anyone else who has citizenship in The U.S. or Canada, and can therefore grant them access. Just don't go getting married to men professing their love to you without God's consent.
Very best wishes on your journey!