Monday, October 11, 2010

Child's Play

When you think of a child playing make believe, you see them imitating things that adults do in everyday life. When you see a group of little girls playing, what is it that they are usually doing. Sit for a moment and picture it in your head. House, is what you came up with right? Playing mommy, daddy, baby, and some one playing the dog maybe. It's a common game of make believe that is played all across the world. But there are variations of child's play and make believe all over the place. As I sat in the play area one lunch hour and watched the preschoolers and kindergardener girl play together I could help but to think to my self that I had seen what they are playing, here before in haiti. A bunch of girls had baskets of blocks, a toy bbq and other kitchen untensils. They were walking around with the block baskets on their heads, yelling common things I hear out on the streets. "PAIN!" "KENEPS!" "MANGO!" and other things that are sold out in the streets. Then I look over to the girls bbq-ing, imitating the street side vendors and their interation with the market girls. Child's play any where is a copy of what they see in their normal life. Here its pretending they work the market, and home the girls play house.

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