Sunday, October 10, 2010


So to kick off my week of comparison I thought I would compare  how we spend thanksgiving here versus there. Well I'm sad to say there weren't many differences. Besides the weather, hanging out in the pool and well the biggest difference is the lack of pumpkin pie here in haiti. The pumpkin pie challenge is one put out to all missionaries in the area that attended dinner... who ever could find pie filling would be the thanksgiving hero, but no one succeeded. But thanks giving was great the turkey, the potatos the gravy it was all there, except the pumpkin pie... It amazed me how many young canadians there are in the area (and by young I mean 20-30 years of age) it was amazing to say "I'm from the Okanagan" and people know where you are talking about. And also it was great to hang out and swim in the pool while everyone back home in wearing sweaters and thinking of ways to keep warm. And also it was great to cuddle up to a cute Haitian baby while eating dessert. All around Thanksgiving here is great, though I now expect pumpkin pie served at christmas.


amsrae said...

If I had a mailing address I'd ship you pumpkin filling :) it might get there late but pie is good anytime... Cant wait to see you at Christmas hopefully we can do coffee and catch up.. :)

O.F.C.J. said...

Thanksgiving? In October? That is one big difference.


Crystal said...

OFCJ -- Being Canadian we celebrate thanskgiving in October

Amber-- Not sure what my schedual is like when i'm home, best chance is to get me durring the day when normal people are working

amsrae said...

i can do that because unlike normal people i work nights :) look forward to coffee :)