Friday, October 22, 2010


I am personally okay. Our hospital here is not. As you all know by now a cholera outbreak has happened just slightly north of where I live here, with our hospital being the closest to many. We drove by wednesday night and there were already hundreds of people outside the gates. By the next day there were hundreds more. They are now at the point where there are police at the gate not letting family members in even, which is really rare here as family members are the ones that have to do everything for the who ever is at the hospital. Thursday we weren't even sure how many students would show up to school. We were only missing 25 students, so we took the morning to pray, and teach them sanitation and ways to prevent cholera, and as well as bleaching all the toys and chairs and desks. We have been slowly getting news, some good, some bad. The president made a statement today, and there were trucks with speakers, radio, and television telling people what to do to be safe. The worse fear is that it ends up in port, which as sad as it sounds, it's most likely heading that way. It is as far north as Cap Haitian, and as close to Port as Ti Tiyenne, which is only about 20 minutes to the closest major tent city, and where many people from the Cite Soliel area are buying from the market there (Where most of the produce is from the Artibonite, where it all started), and as well out on La Gonave which is a small island just off the coast (still part of Haiti).  That's all the information I have for now. But I ask that you pray, because the medical personelle is not here, and there are hundreds of people hooked up to IV laying on blankets out side of out hospital, and hundreds more going untreated. And pray that rehydration supplies come in, because there are not enough here. Just Pray.

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