Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Alive

Well Thomas has come and gone, and I can officially say I have survived a hurricane. It wasn't as bad as we all thought it would be. We tracked it for a good week, before it even came close to us, at one point it showed the eye was going right through St. Marc. The government was afraid as they didn't want to lose any more people, so Wednesday night they put a message on the radio declaring school was canceled for the next couple of days. As well they became putting out evacuation alerts for the tent cities. They were telling them to fold up their tents so the wind doesn't blow them away, and the real kicker, told them the Americans were sending rope. ( I sat laughing at all this) The real plan as far as I'm concerned was for the government to get their land back. Thursday morning we went in to Port to drop some people off at the airport, We passed several tent cities and not one person making an effort to move their tents. And the wind was picking up, and beginning to rain as well. Friday morning came, and we were ready for it, school was ready and I was waiting for it to hit. It was a little windy, followed by a little rain, and a little more wind. Next thing we knew it was way out past Haiti ( the path showed it was to go right in between Cuba and Haiti). It was over just like that. But the wind and rain picked up just as we all decided to head to bed about 8 pm, and it poured and was windy all night, which is what caused the damage and flooding through out the country, not the eye of the storm its self. The next morning we headed up to school to see what damage had been done there, and through out the town. The water in the rivers were a little muddy, and it wasn't really high or even close to the road, market was going, and people were continuing on with daily life, including the crazy man in a hospital gown who usually sits in a ditch. Life went on, no damage to St. Marc. Who said surviving as hurricane was hard work, it was a piece of cake.

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