Sunday, November 28, 2010

November update


Things are going great here, were are at the start of elections and voting, so its been an oxymoron here lately, with lots of campaigning and loud music, but today as voting starts the streets are quiet, and so is church. We are off school tomorrow, so may go down and visit my babies down at the orphanage tomorrow. I was there the other day, and now know how a parent instantly falls in love with their child. I was there visiting before i went up the hill to the youth group I have been leading, and the kids wanted to do worship and afternoon prayer before I had to leave, so we all gathered in a circle, and I had one of the twin sitting in my lap, as we started to pray she began to position her self as if she was an infant curled up in my arms, staring up at me with her big brown eyes fighting falling asleep. I sat there listening to the staff pray in creole, as i prayed for Magine, it was the first time i understood what love really is, and how strong a mama's love is for their child. Sadly i cant bring the twins home with me no matter how hard i try, due to adoption laws and me being unqualified. School on the other hand is going great, my class is working very hard and has started to read triumphantly as we come to the end of the 12 week learning to read program. It's really neat to see their progress as some of them have never spoken a word of english in their life. Also they are working very hard on their christmas program, and it is the cutest thing hearing them sing silent night at the top of their lungs, any body walking by stops and listens to them. ( there is a video of this on facebook on my profile). Last week I had the opportunity to go to a village clinic with the medical a medical team that was here. It was an amazing chance, and made me appreciate the work doctors do here when they come to the country, especially during this cholera epidemic. And for those wondering, about the cholera here, it seems to be some what under control and the reason it is spreading is because people travel and are very mobile here. Doctors with out boarder have it under control, as they told the medical team that was here ( the team had persmission to be at the hospital from the director himself) and that they werent needed, but that afternoon on the internet they say they are crying for doctors and nurses. Also it is the nepalese soldiers that brought cholera in to the country. This past summer Nepal had a cholera outbreak, then soldiers were sent here in the beginning of October then the outbreak happened near their base, where their sewage had leaked into the main river with the cholera virus. The people were upset about it, but things have calmed down now. 

Not much else is going on here, its been cool, and sweater weather the past week or so, but I am going to freeze when i get back to Canada next week

see you all then


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