Friday, November 26, 2010


Love takes on a new definition after spending any amount of time here. It is something that is not given easily to anyone, whether you're a ti moun or grand moun. You just don't get love very easily. The children love it when you are able to scoop them up and they have your undivided attention. Tonight as I was at the orphanage, we were praying and praising the lord with children and the whole time I sat there with a one of the twins curled up in my arms, fighting falling asleep, staring at me with her big brown eyes cuddled in to me. It was then I realized what love for a child is, the same love of mother gives. I could have sat there all day as she stared at me with her chocolate eyes, rocking her back and forth. Renmen, love, what ever you  call it, it is one of the most valuable things a child could get here.

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