Friday, November 19, 2010


Me, Dr. Grossman, Norkins, Nadia, Biran, Dianne, Carolyn, Kathy

     There are different  experiences one could have in this country for any type of passion. My calling here was the children and educating them to the best of my ability. Some it's construction and the restoration on the broken down cities and villages laying around the earth quake stricken land, some clean water and sanitation, and then there are those here that a called to a medical mission. We currently have a team here from West Virginia doing amazing things out in the small rural hospitals, they have done everything from treating those stricken with cholera to delivering 3 or 4 babies over a three day span. Today though the plan was to go out to Jeanton where I have gone on several occasions with Barb to check and pray for the people. I tagged along with the idea of being photographer and to hang out with the kids, little did I know I would get a slight medical education. I was assigned to keep the medical records, and write down the perscriptions. I had it down to the point where I could understand the patients symptoms, ask their name and age, and understand our doctors jabber.

     It was a great day. We were able to see over 80 patients, most of them with similar symptoms, such as headaches, abdominal pains, problems with their eyes and seeing, and lots of colds especially with the children. Most of it was diagnosed as malaria, and hypertention, and we even had one old man laying on a rickety church bench hooked up to an IV for cholera. It gave me a great appreciation for those coming to places like this for a medical mission, as you have to use your disgression with patients because some people just want medication, or with their children "force" symptoms on to them, which if you can't understand you don't catch.

On a side note it was a great day to practice my creole.

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quietone said...

Incorrect ORS Mixing Instructions on Posters in Haiti

Posters showing incorrect instructions for making an oral rehydration solution using salt, sugar and water are being widely distributed by the Ministry of Public Health and other organizations in Haiti.

Half (1/2) teaspoon of Salt and Six (6) teaspoons of Sugar should be dissolved in 1 Litre of water. (Not 1 Gallon of water as the poster says) For further clarification, please see:

The mixture, using the proportions that are suggested in the poster, would be too weak to do much good in rehydrating a dehydrated child.

The following actions need to be taken immediately:

1. The current posters need to be withdrawn and replaced.

2. A communications campaign to inform everybody locally that the old poster had incorrect information and they should use 1 Litre and not 1 Gallon.

Your help is requested to inform everybody in Haiti of the correct way to make this life-saving solution.

Thank you.